Just some info on the shipment, to help you to find the best.
That just to get an overview, and we don't guaranty these delay (check the CGU for more details)

Once the items sent, you will always have a tracking number.
Please contact us if shipment takes more than 2 weeks, we will investigate. (if we did not notice anything and did not start to investigate already...)

Once the order is paid, we send the order witin 48h (except week end, and holidays)

Etwa 1 € wird für Verpackung bei einer Bestellung von weniger als 15 € hinzugefügt

Belgique / Belgie :

  • Bpost : 

 Shipment takes at least 24h.
Total less than 100€ : 4.99€
Total more 100 € : Free

Rest of the world

  • Mondial relay (France only)

That very slow but cheap :
Packages are send by us twice a week only - Then it takes for the shipper at least 7 days (sometimes more ! )

That's not fast but that the cheapest

0-1 Kg : 4.99 €
1-2 Kg : 3.99 €
over 2kg : Free

  • DPD parcel (germany, nederland, italy, etc ... ) /
  • Bpost - bpack World (germany, spain, france, uk, etc ...) 

Takes minimum 5 days.
Price depends of your country  (check prices when checking out),
Price is decreasing when total is over 150€, and decreasing again when over 200€
Example :
Germany : 8€ (<150€) / 2.90€ (150->200) / Free
Italy : 16 (<150€) / 10.90 (150->200) / 5.9

Check when checking out

  • DHL parcel  (nederland  only)

Total over 100€ : 4€99
Total over 150€ : free

  • Remise en main propre

That only if you know me and under certain conditions !!!
If that the first time, you have to contact me first.

  • Other

If your country is in not in any list, and you don't see any option when whecking out that because shipment is very expensive.
You can contact us, if you really want to order, and we will open the option