Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ? is a belgian website made by a dub addict. The website is already a few year old. At the beginning it was only a free net label website, but it evolved to propose also vinyls. We are also involved in various other project (sound system with gamma sound, and promoters in collaboration with reservoir dub - echo space asbl).

How much is the shipping ?
For the detail on shippment fees, please check shipment page.

The order is sent immediately ?
The order is prepared when the order is paid, meaning within 48h when paiement done with credit card, or when the amount is on our bank account for bank transfer (about 3 working days, and 1 working days if your bank is ING).

How long does it take to prepare the order ?
We always try to be as fast as possible (within 48h) once the order is paid.
However we are not working the week end and not sending mondial relay shipping the monday.You can follow the status of the order in the order details (The status will be set in shippment when the order is about to be given to post)

How many days will it take for my package to be delivered?
Once the order prepared and given to shipper, the time depends of your location and shipper.
You can check shipment page. for a rough estimate (no warranty) of the time we usually see.
You can track your order with the tracking given on the detail of your order.

My order takes a long time to be shipped .... ?
If your order takes more than 15 days, please contact us
We are tracking ALL order, so we will certainly be already aware of the delay, and already looking at it.
Depending of the shipper, we will contact them and get more info.

I have a issue with the website ?
PLease contact us and tell us more : contact us
We always try to solve the issues when it is possible.

Do you have the vinyls in stock  ?
All the vinyls are in stock.
> If the vinyl is out of stock, you will se the 'Out of stock' in the vinyl page
>  If you want to order several time the same vinyl, The website will only allow to order if the vinyl is in stock.
> If we have a stock issue (very rare) we will contact you immediatly.

Can I collect the order myself (Bruxelles) ?
It is sometimes possible, but you need to contact us BEFORE (contact us).
We will update your customer account to add this option in the delivery (when you are checking out the order)
You can then contact me to arrange a appointment.

Do you have this release / will you get it ?
Send us a mail  contact us
We will try to get it if we don't have it

Other questions ?
You can contact us and we will reply as soon as possible  contact us