Madoo / Bionic Singer - "This Lady" - LP - Cubiculo Records

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Madoo / Bionic Singer - "This Lady" - LP - CRRP001 - Cubiculo Records

Tracklist :
  • A1 - Walking Wallet
  • A2 - This Lady
  • A3 - Baby Don't Go
  • A4 - Return To Dreadlocks
  • A5 - Fever
  • B1 - Broken Heart
  • B2 - Lose Respect
  • B3 - Eye Serve
  • B4 - Botha's Warning
  • B5 - Gun Talk

Arranged By Delroy Phillips
Arranged By Madoo
Executive-Producer D. Lucena
Musician Derrick Barnett
Musician Steely & Clevie
Producer Antanio "Nami" Harmon
Producer Delroy Phillips
Written-By Madoo

A tribute to Osbert Maddo a.k.a. Bionic SingerAfter releasing the EP “Hear Mi Name Call” with Casio Love and the sad story behind it, we decided to repress this crucial album to spread even more Maddo´s music and his musical legacy. Maddo left among us his wife and son who we send our sincere condolences and strength, special thanks to Julie who also granted us permission to repress this masterpiece. Hopefully this record will help Maddo’s family and keep his memory alive between all of us.Long live the great Bionic Singer! RIParadiseThis record is done through a partnership between Cubiculo Records and Jamaazima Records. A special thanks to Nami!2017 - Portugal